About Me

I was born in Chiredzi, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. I am very in love with Africa and my goal is to return to open up an orphanage in Zimbabwe and then continue to reach as many children as I can. The children of Africa call to me, cry out to me. I pray that my Heavenly Father will give me what I need to love, heal and protect every child he brings to the Jesusla Foundation. Why Stolen Mangoes? On my way home from school, I often stopped off at a lot, covered in Mango trees. Mangoes are definitely one of my favorite fruits and so one was never enough. Often I would get home with mangoes and one day my mother asked me about the magically appearing fruit. She laughed at my armload and told me that her mom, my Ouma was known to help herself to other peoples mango trees too, as a young girl. I loved having that connection to my grandmother.