Monday, January 31, 2011

What am I doing?

I have never thought that my life, past and present, was a particularly interesting
one.  Certainly not one to write about.  Recently, though, I have had a series
of experiences that have changed the way I think of things.  I was raised the old fashioned way, 
not to ask "why?", the religious way, "don't ask why, a faithful Christian, just does as he is commanded".  I discovered that I had a mission, that I didn't need peer validation to accomplish it.  If I was truly following my heart, loving and serving my "earth mates", family, friends, neighbours etc,  that I had nothing to fear.  I would succeed.  I didn't write because I was afraid that
my voice wasn't enough.  I can ask "why?" and expecting an answer, I will receive one.  This is my prayer, my gratitude and the fuel for my passion.